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Susan's clients range from educational (schools, colleges and universities), regulatory (skilled professions and their colleges), health (professional associations, clinics, labs and national certification boards) and faith based organizations (seminaries, housing services and national headquarters) to not for profits (arts & culture, social services, sports and more), charitable organizations and industry associations to private sector companies, financial institutions and governmental agencies.

Client Feedback

A Good learning moment for me happened when: "We met 'rough spots' as a group - real differences in ways of doing things (past habits) and successfully walked our way through to a new paradigm."

"There is a lot of information and I'm sure we will make mistakes. I do, however, think the manuals and your readiness to help will get us on the right track. I'm waiting for the process to be second nature!"

What I appreciated the most about this workshop was: "You facilitated the process extremely well. You provided clarity, direction, patience, and respect for individual contributions."

"Thank you AGAIN! You have a fantastic ability to share and explain such a complex 'lingo'. Thank you for making it interesting!"

"There was a transition path that could be followed, to transform the way we do things. The Board defines its job description and can retain responsibility for whatever items it wishes."

What I appreciated the most about this workshop was:

"What I appreciated the most about this workshop was the comfort level between the board members and the facilitator. The pace we went helped with the better understanding of Policy Governance."

"Exciting times ahead. It is all coming into view. Great job Susan!"

"Excellent, tactful, informative, friendly, interesting presentation. Policy Governance training should be part of orientation for each new board member, CEO and staff."

"I could "see" the Board operating in a new way- exciting possibilities!"

"(I appreciated) being given the opportunity to attend this workshop to get a broader perspective of what policy governance is really about."

"The style and pace were very comfortable. It was an absolutely enlightening experience! Thank you very much Susan!"

"What I appreciated most about this workshop was that it was fun, too! Great discussion… lots of building on ideas."

"Good learning pace, even if there was a lot of material. Susan was charming and intelligent."

"A member of my small group who is typically quiet and hesitates to offer comments made a real effort to get involved in our discussions at the table.
Thank you!"

"What I appreciated the most was learning a new way of looking at Board functionality - and how we may improve. I realized this may be the model we're looking for"

"I understood how Policy Governance® was going to get us more organized and more efficient in running our Board of Trustees"

"Susan presented a reasonable and rational consideration of the process and responsibilities of boards in general and what was important for this board in particular."

"I appreciated that this workshop was tailored to our group. You recognized that most board members had experiences with and some understanding of Policy Governance®."

"I've always 'harped' on the need for establishing boundaries in organizations, particularly between board and staff, and your illustrations helped communicate that."


A very partial list of ROGERS Leadership Consulting clients:

Selected conference engagements for:

Fundamentals of Policy Governance®
International Fundraising Congress, Netherlands

"Creating High Performance Teams"
Greenpeace International, Lisbon, Portugal

"The Future of Boards; Realizing the Promise of Owner Accountability"
International Policy Governance Association,
Chicago, USA

"Ends That Deliver" & "Board Self Evaluation"
International Policy Governance Association (IPGA)
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

… and several others for clients across Canada, for the IPGA in Canada and for the United Kingdom Policy Governance Association in York and London England

Selected Past Appointments:

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