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ROGERS Leadership Consulting offers a variety of coaching, consulting and workshop service options to meet the unique needs of your organization:

  1. For organizations wishing to resolve a particular leadership issue or improve their governance knowledge skills or practices, Susan will customize a solution to exceed your expectations. She is expert at workshop development, facilitation and providing customized group or individual coaching support either on or off-site. Please e-mail or call her in confidence to explore this option: or call (204) 475-2488.
    (Please also see D. Customized Coaching Services just below.)

  2. For organizations who wish to implement the Policy Governance® system, Susan offers a step by step workshop and coaching service customized for your board and staff team… designed to transform the way you do business. ( more )

  3. For interested individuals, boards, board members or staff who are either considering or using Policy Governance®, who are in need of a refresher or more in-depth learning, Susan offers this Orientation workshop for you. ( more )

  4. Customized Coaching Services are offered to ALL boards and CEOs to help guide your organization through any incremental or significant change in governance or operational practice AND to act as an external monitor of your Board's or CEO's performance. This would include coaching support for the implementation and on-going management of Policy Governance®. Follow up coaching here is strongly recommended to address any unresolved issues and to ensure the success of your board's new governance model. ( more )

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