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Today, as the president of ROGERS Leadership Consulting since 2001, Susan is a sought-after leadership consultant and governance coach. With more than 25 years experience as a CEO and Board President, her knowledge and expertise in building high performance board and staff teams enables boards and CEOs to achieve remarkable results.

A highly respected facilitator, Susan specializes in board governance coaching and consulting particularly, but not exclusively, with boards using Policy Governance®*. Her experience in working on or with a wide variety of more than 600 local, regional and national boards in the public and voluntary sectors in North America and the European Union has given her a good understanding of and appreciation for the unique challenges boards face and how to address them.

Susan is also one of a handful of Canadian consultants who has been personally trained by John (and Miriam) Carver, the creator of the universal Policy Governance® system of governance. She has completed the North American Policy Governance® Academy, the Symposium for Consultants and is one of only two Canadian graduates of the Carvers' Policy Governance® Academy in the United Kingdom.

Ms. Rogers is one of approximately 60 consultants world-wide who have met the requirements and been accepted for full membership in the International Policy Governance® Association (IPGA). She completed her directorship on the IPGA Board in 2007 and is currently serving on the board of the United Kingdom Policy Governance® Association (UKPGA).

Susan was also a founding member of the international Governance Corporation Network (2008). As a result of her commitment to ongoing professional development in all governance systems and research, she has access to the latest governance thinking and resources to support your organization. Susan has a great deal of specialized experience working with regulatory boards for skilled professions and their colleges.

ROGERS Leadership Consulting has offices in Manitoba and Susan is happy to travel for work with clients in any part of the world. From creating and strengthening exceptional governance practices, strategic planning, policy development and performance evaluation of boards or CEOs… to clarifying roles, responsibilities and relationships & problem solving… to board & committee development, bylaws review and annual governance planning & agenda development… ROGERS Leadership Consulting will provide the direction and support you need.

And if you are considering exploring Policy Governance, choose Susan to get you started. If you are currently practicing Policy Governance® but need to refresh or strengthen your leadership team, choose Susan to help you do that. The Policy Governance® system, implemented well, will help your Board become truly accountable. Driven by strategic outcomes (ENDS policies), guided by a comprehensive set of values and principles, your Board will initiate a powerful relationship with its 'moral owners' and create a meaningful difference on their behalf.

Let us assist your organization to excel through strategic solutions customized to meet your unique organizational needs.

*Policy Governance® is an internationally registered service mark of John Carver. Registration is only to ensure accurate description of the model rather than for financial gain. The model is available free to all with no royalties or licence fees for its use. The authoritative website for Policy Governance is

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