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D. Customized Coaching Services

Governance coaching supports all types of governing bodies… boards, councils, executive bodies… regardless of whether they choose to use Policy Governance®.

Every board invests significant human and financial resources towards achieving governance competence. To protect that investment and to support the growth in increasingly effective board leadership practices, 'governance coaching' is recommended. Coaching helps reinforce new learning, solve unforeseen challenges and prevents slippage into ineffectual habits.

Of those boards who do implement Policy Governance®, many experience an impact in other areas such as: creating measurable performance indicators, benchmarking, strategic operational and governance planning, the need for bylaw revisions, 'implementation' concerns, teambuilding, and issues such as board attendance and committee processes.

Coaching for every organization is customized to meet the particular needs, issues and culture of the organization. For organizations that are attempting an incremental or even a dramatic shift in their governance practices, coaching support would typically include assistance in developing and/or facilitating:

Other specialized board coaching or workshops would include:

Other board and staff needs often include organizational structures and reporting, capacity building and teamwork, developing measurable performance indicators, benchmarking, "reasonable interpretations & rationale & data" of the board's policies and changing or preserving board or organizational culture.

This coaching service is available on an hourly or annual agreement basis and is renewable on terms that best suit the organization.

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